VDMA: Battery production needs technologies and know-how network of the machinery industry

11.10.2017 Batteries are not only of crucial significance for E-Mobility - they are one of the key technologies. Against this background it is absolutely necessary to further develop the battery as an important power-component and to lower its costs in the future.

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VDMA Jahrestagung Batterieproduktion 07. + 08. November 2017 in Karlstein

08.09.2017 Weltweit werden massive Investitionen für neue Batterie- und Zellproduktionen in die Wege geleitet, um den künftigen Bedarf der Elektromobilität und der Energiewende zu decken. Doch wie sieht die Batterieproduktion künftig aus? Wie flexibel muss Sie sein? Welche Herausforderungen ergeben sich dabei? Antworten auf diese als auch weitere Fragen erhalten Sie auf unserer Jahrestagung in Karlstein. Jetzt anmelden!

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Key to Battery Production - New edition

12.07.2017 You are looking for strong solutions for battery production? You want to install a production line or are looking for partners in process development? Our new report will help you to find the correct partner.

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About us

VDMA Battery Production was founded in 2011 and is a comprehensive activity under one umbrella of the VDMA Forum E-Motive where end users, manufacturers, mechanical engineers and research collaborate. VDMA Battery Production broaches the issue of stationary and mobile high performance energy storage of all kinds of technologies. Because of the synergy with electronic and photovoltaic production, leadership of VDMA Battery Production was transmitted to VDMA Productronic (electronic production).

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